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7th Conference Narrative, Media and Cognition

8–10 May 2024

Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, Theatre and Film School, Portugal

Registration opening: 29 February (Thursday)

Conference hosted by the Theatre and Film School of the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute in association with the academic franchise Narrative, Media and Cognition as an ode to medial and artistic impurity. We are particularly interested in case studies or theoretical rationale on art forms as media and their varied and profuse connections, beyond the dual relationships that set the minimum condition for intermediality (i.e., an interrelation between artforms). 

How to register

Dear conference attendees, registration will be made in a two-step process

First: payment

Payment is made via a SEPA bank transfer to – Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Bank: IGCP

IBAN: PT50 0781 0112 0000 0006 62678


When making the bank transfer, include your name (as used in the abstract) as a reference for quick identification. 

Notice that payment is made per person attending the conference, regardless of the number of authors per paper. 

The amount depends on whether you are a researcher (120 €), PhD. candidate or member of the IPL community (60 €), or a remote participant from a non-European institution (80 €)  

Second: fill-in the form ( )

Note that the form asks you to upload a confirmation of your bank transfer. Both images and .pdf formats are acceptable.  

Once you submit the form, you will receive a conformation that the process is complete. 

Registration is extended until 18th of March (Monday)


    We invite you to submit a proposal for a 20-minute oral presentation.

    You may submit individually or in a pre-established panel of three presenters. However, if during the conference a member of a panel is unavailable, we may have to reassign the other speakers to different panels or cancel the panel altogether. 

    This is essentially an in-person conference, as we are committed to foster a (pro)fusion of intermedial dialogues among researchers. A small quota of online presentations (20% of the total presentations) is, however, available for researchers affiliated with academic institutions from outside Europe. No full online panels will be accepted.

    The proposal must contain an abstract (500 words max.), 5 keywords, 3 bibliographical references and a short bio of the author (250 words max.). Send to Fátima Chinita (

    Suggested topics: (may include but are not limited to)

    • Conceptions of media, intermediality, cross-media.
    • Mediation, remediation, transmediation.
    • Hybridity, media borders, cross-pollination, media fusion.
    • Art forms as qualified media, mediums as conduits for art forms.
    • Early interart and intermediality.
    • Interartistic cases in / throughout history.
    • The medium-specificity debate within intermediality.
    • Fusional artistic case studies.
    • New artistic languages through combination of art forms.
    • Post-media and expanded artistic fields.
    • Narrative adaptation or expression among the arts.
    • Audiovisual or performative ekphrasis.
    • Sensoriality among art forms and art objects.
    • Space and time in the arts.
    • Rhythm and movement / stasis in the arts.
    • Visuality versus performativity.
    • Artistic properties.
    • Rhythm, stasis, dimensionality…
    • Immersive qualities and spectatorial adhesion.
    • Showcase your projects.
    • Experience the world of architecture.

    Gabinete de Comunicação e Imagem, ESTC